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St. Petersburg, Russia

Our cattery "Golden Dream" registered in World Cat Federation (Germany),  
registration certificate WCF № 21265-2019/190164.RU

Also our cattery with the name "Golden Dream * RU" is registered in the World Organization Cats (Austria)
registration certificate WOC-0003-2020

and is located in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Director of cattery Stolyarova Marina, felinologist.

In our cattery you can buy a Siberian kitten of a traditional color

and a kitten of a colorpoint color ( Neva Masquerade color )

Our siberian cats

All our animals participating in breeding are necessarily evaluated by experts at exhibitions according to the WCF system and have titles.

We have Siberian cats of traditional colors and colorpoint colors ( Neva Masquerade ) 

All were tested for genetic tests (for blood type and polycystic kidney disease) and tests for infectious diseases (immunodeficiency and viral leukemia).

All animals are vaccinated with annual vaccinations against infectious diseases (rhinotracheitis, calcivirus infection, panleukopenia) and rabies.

Ours exhibitions

Our animals are highly appreciated by experts at exhibitions and receive well-deserved awards and titles.

Siberian kitten information

*** Previous litters ***

The price of a kitten depends on the class of the kitten and the rarity of its color.

When reserving a kitten, a deposit is made and a contract of sale is signed. In case of refusal of the kitten, the deposit DOES NOT RETURN.
Possible statuses:
AVAILABLE- the kitten is free for reservation
OPTION - the kitten is under the supervision of the cattery for its further use in breeding,
later it can go to the status AVAILABLE
RESERVED - the kitten is reserved, an agreement has been signed and a deposit has been made
SOLD - the kitten is sold, the full amount was paid for him and he left the cattery

The kitten has the status “RESERVED” after making a deposit, before making a deposit the kitten is available for purchase.

Our kittens leave their home after 12 weeks, after deworming, a full course of vaccination, microchip and quarantine.

When moving to a new home, our kids are fully socialized and are already accustomed to the tray and scratching post. Each of our graduates has a full package of documents: a veterinary passport, a contract of sale and a pedigree (optional).

After acquiring a kitten in our cattery, you can count on help and advice on keeping and raising a kitten.

Below are photos of pairs of cats and cats in which kittens were born or are expected.
You can get more detailed information by clicking on the "ABOUT KITTENS" button on each photo.

Always fresh photos and videos about kittens in our INSTAGRAM.

We have experience in delivering our kittens to America and Europe.
Terms are discussed and delivery is paid separately.

Kittens leave at the age of 4 months after rabies quarantine.

Delivery to other cities of Russia is also possible.

Helpful information


Many people, when they realize that they need a thoroughbred kitten, have a very vague idea of ​​what is a cattery of thoroughbred cats, who are breeders-felinologists.
The first thing that is thought of is about a room where there are a lot of cages and aviaries and where thoroughbred kittens are raised.
In fact, in most cases this is not so.
Many felinological systems prohibit the use of cages, except in exceptional cases (at cat shows, they should be in tent cages, during quarantine or for medical reasons).
However, one must not confuse the cage, cage, and aviary for organized walking of animals. Many kennels have enclosures, especially when it comes to cats of semi-long-haired breeds, which need fresh air and sun for better condition.

Neva Masquerade kitten

About breed

Siberian cat is the most popular breed in Russia, endowed with countless virtues, the main of which are gorgeous appearance, great character, intelligence and devotion.

Neva Masquerade kitten

Kitten price

For a thoroughbred Siberian kitten, you should go to a nursery or to a breeder with a good reputation. It is better to get babies who are already 3.5 months old.

siberian kitten

Buyer Memo

If you have already purchased a kitten or are just about to purchase, this information will be useful to you.
Install safe nets for cats on the windows and do not let them...

neva siberian kitten sale

About castration

Veterinarians have proven that castrated cats live several years longer. If the procedure is completed on time, the pet will no longer try to escape from home, it will become more... 

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